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The Dataloy Distance Table (DDT) allows routing point/port searches when building/entering port rotations by:

Routing point/port searches can be performed in two ways, either in the search field or by using a map.

Long Description

To Search for Routing Point/Port Using the Search Field

  1. Start entering in the applicable routing point/port name in the search field.
    Note: Need only to enter the first few characters. The DDT will search available ports/routing points and display the first matching entered characters in alphabetical order, for example enter "AB" and AB, ABADAN, ABASHIRI, etc. displays.


  2. A drop-down list with search results will display.
  3. Either
    1. click applicable routing point/port or
    2. if the port is at the top of the list press the Tab key - the port name will display in full in the search field or
    3. use the down-arrow to select applicable routing point/port - it will highlight.
  4. Click Add or press Enter.
  5. The routing point/port is added to the port rotation.

To Search for Routing Point/Port Using the Map

Note: To be used for example when the port name/spelling is unknown.

  1. Locate and zoom in the area and sought routing point/port.
  2. Click the routing point/port symbol to see details on the routing point/port.


  3. Type in the name of the routing point/port in the Search field to add it to the port rotation.


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