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  1. Routing point searches can be performed in two ways, either in the search field or by using a map.
  2. Click - if applicable - the Show Ports box to show all routing points/ports on the map.
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  3. Locate the applicable routing point on the map.
  4. Click on or hover over (with the cursor) applicable routing point symbol Image Removed Image Added.
  5. An information pop-up opens providing routing point/port name and/or code and details.
  6. Enter the routing point name or code in the search field to the right.
  7. A drop-down list of ports will display.
  8. From the list either
    1. click applicable routing point/port or
    2. when the routing point/port is at the top of the list press the Tab key - the routing point/port name will display in full in the search field or
    3. use the down-arrow to select applicable routing point/port - it will highlight.
  9. Click Add or press Enter. The routing point/port is added to the route.
    Note: If applicable drag the newly added routing point to the correct place in the list of routing points/ports. 
  10. Ensure the route is updated accordingly  by verifying the sailing route.


titleCommon Routing Points

  • PC (Panama Canal)

  • SC (Suez Canal)
  • GH (Cape Good Hope)
  • MA (Magellan Strait)
  • CH (Cape Horn)
  • TO (Torres Strait)
  • WP (Wilsons Promontory)
  • SS (Singapore Strait)
  • SU (Sunda Strait)
  • NE (North East Passage)
  • NW (North West Passage)
  • KC (Kiel Canal)
  • TS (Tsugaru Strait)
  • OS (Osumi Strait)
  • LS (Lombok Strait)
  • OR (Oresund)
  • GB Great Belt)
  • PF (Pentland Firth)
  • DS (Dover Strait)
  • BR (Bishop Rock)
  • BI (Belle Isle)
  • CR (Cape Race)
  • WI (Windward Passage)
  • MP (Mona Passage)
  • AP (Anegada Passage)
  • PR (Providence Canal)
  • VP (Virgin Passage)
  • BL (Balabac Strait)
  • BS (Basilan Strait)
  • SG (Surigao Strait)
  • SB (San Bernardino Strait)
  • SJ (Selat Jailolo)
  • CC (Corinth Canal)
  • JE (Jomard Entrance)
  • OM (Selat Ombai)
  • JS (Johnstone Strait)
  • GV (Grenville Channel)
  • NP (Nanuku Passage)
  • CO (Cook Strait)


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